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Hello everyone,
My first post.
I have an OLD Walther PPK that was entrusted to me as a family heirloom when I was 16 (55 now).
Story as I know it: This Walther PPK was taken from an SS Officer KIA by my Great Uncle (now deceased, GOD rest his Soul) in the last months of WW2 in Europe.
It's been a bear of a time to find any useful/accurate information on it or what it may be worth. Don't get the wrong idea, I can/will NEVER sell it.
The attached pics show matching serial numbers, original holster/magazines.
The original pistol grips were split in two and would not stay secured to the pistol.
I replaced them with the ones you see in pics. At 16, I didn't know to keep the originals so they are long gone.
What throws a ?? here is the stamped markings on the Ejection side slide/barrel and the stamped markings on the left side lower receiver/slide.
I've been told the markings on the ejection side are SS stampings unique to SS Officers, the other side is German Army markings.
If anyone has info or can steer me in the right direction...many thanks.
On to the pics:


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