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There's got to be half a dozen or so... Lets see:

"Old Style":
P99 AS
P99 AS Ti

New Style:
P99 AS
P99 QA

I'm sure there are a few more...

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The P99 DAO (imported by Earl's) are the same than the P990..... just that one (P99DAO) is the new style frame.....
I have never seen a P99DAO in a old style frame..... only the P990
Nor have I seen a DAO in new style other than by Earl's

So we got the
P99 old frame P99AS new frame
P99QA ( 3 color option in .40S&W , black, OD green and desser sand)
P990 old frame and P99DAO new frame
then there was with the old style the P99QPQ's
and there was the Titanium coated ones with newer frame......
Od green frame.. black frame
then there was the Millenium
also the P99 HMSS (also known as "MI-6") in 2 series... total of 2000 I belive
and then there is 3 different version of the "La chase" hunting eddition (spelling)

And if I am not wrong (correct me if I am) the P99DAO is offered also with ambidextrous slide release (Earls again)..... though the QA was shown once with that option and the AS compact I seen listed once on gunbroker with that option.... but the DAO is the only one offered really with that option

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Don't forget the Collector's Series "Arabesques" in Grades 1 - 3

These are still on the 2006 retail price list too. Note the old style frame and (I believe) available in 9mm only.

I would love a Grade 1 in .40, especially with the olive frame, but caliber availability aside, the price is a whole lot more than a "regular" P99.

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