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So I totally forgot to post this after I got it. (Thanks Barbarian for reminding me)
I emailed Jarvis a few months back, and asked them if they could make me a compensator for my P99. (They had one out for the PPQ)
So they asked me to send my slide in, and they did their magic. I didn't have much of a say of what was going to come out. I just asked if they could fit the PPQ one to the P99.
So I got the slide back about 10 weeks later. I'm super happy with it. Shoots great. Definitely noticeable reduction in jumpiness. I usually shoot +P ammo.
This is my @ home pistol, although I sometimes carry it out, it sticks out a bit past my jacket with the compensator, so I just carry the compact.

I did have to get a Jarvis barrel as my original threaded barrel was 1/28, and they only wanted to do it on a 1/32 with a normal thread.

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