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Jarvis Barrels

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Anybody using a Jarvis Barrel? Is it worth $200
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My first thought on threading a P99c would be to buy a stock P99 full size barrel and have my local machine shop thread it. Anyone know if this would work??? May be a cheap alternative.
I was shocked!!

Recently acquired a Jarvis barrel. I'm normally all over a Shoot-N-C at 20 yards. Once I installed the Jarvis, The 10 ring disappeared!! I was skeptical, but I'm now a believer.
I bought mine lightly used through an auction. It dropped in perfectly, but after firing 200 rounds, a few burrs appeared on the feed ramp. Its nothing I can't fix with a fine file and a buffing wheel. Ammo was Wal-Mart white box.
Just an update on the burr cleanup---I brought out the trusty dremel and attached a cut-off wheel. I don't have a work shop at the moment, so I placed the butt of the tool on the floor and laid the grip against the open dremel case while holding it down with my left hand.

This turned out to be plenty steady for the task at hand and provided about a thirty degree angle which made it easy to see my work, but I'll admit clamping the dremel to a bench would have been better. Next I turned the tool on at about half speed and GENTLY placed the damaged ramp end against the FACE of the cut-off wheel, using it like a grinder. Extra caution was used to keep the ramp parallel to the wheel face.

I probably took less than a millimeter of material off the feed ramp. Reinstalling the barrel and racking the slide several times showed no evidence of unwanted contact, so I removed the barrel and polished the ramp and freshly ground surface with the dremel's buffing wheel and Mother's chrome polishing compound.....
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1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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