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IWB holsters for PPQ M2 9mm with TLR-1

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The only thing I can find is QVO Tactical. Are there any other options out there? Also, does anyone have any experience with QVO?
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Got one for my x300, fits my PPQ 4”, PPQ 5”, G19, hell even fits my P226.

Piece of advice, buy the Discreet Carry Concept metal clips.

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DME Holsters http://dmeholster.com Standard IWB holster has several different light/laser options. Well made and reasonably priced.
Blackpoint Tactical. I love their holsters, unfortunately they don't offer anything for my P99, but now that I came into a PPQ M1, I can get one for it. Anywho, the Mini Wing IWB can be ordered for a PPQ with a weapon mounted light. They make super high quality gear. I use their Mini Wing for my HK P30L, Sig P226, Sig P229, and Walther PPS.

Mini WING? Light Mounted - BlackPoint Tactical
I recommend tier 1 concealed. A bit pricey but phenomenal. Lots of light options.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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