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IWB Holster for PK380 With Integrated Laser.

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Hello. I just picked up a new PK 380 with a frame integrated laser. I want it to be my conceal carry, but I am having an issue finding an IWB holster. This is not the detachable, large trigger guard laser. It does add bulk to the trigger guard though, so I am not sure if a standard pk 380 holster will work. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thank you in advance. For reference, here is the Cabelas site for it.

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I know some Glock17 Holsters fit the PK380. I use a Fobus Holster for mine and that works pretty good, but not all G17 Holsters fit the PK380.

I know Fobus has a special holster for pistols with lihts on them, but these are not IWB.


Only kind of holster I could think of, would be a universal nylon holster.

But according to youre link, a holster is provided, even if OWB. So why not fit a clamp to the beltloop and make it IWB, or get some kydex and make your own custom IWB holster?
Simple way to find one:

Take your new handgun to the gun store and test them.


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