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I've got a problem...

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I tried to chamber a round through the slide (to carry 8+1) the other day. When I released the slide (with slide release), the slide slammed forward but stopped about .3" from its normal (forward) position. Now it only moves rearward of that position by about .2".

Other than hiring a gorilla to rack the slide for me, how can I fix this?
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Sorry bout' that... I've been extremely busy over the last week.
I have not even had time yet to remove the cartridge. I'll try to get to it a bit later tonight.
I got it out this morning.

I stuck a fresh pencil in the bore and rammed the gun into the side of a sturdy metal table, which loosened it up and allowed me to retract the slide. However, when I picked the jammed cartridge up off the floor, I noticed something funny about it; it was a 9x18 Makarov.

I have no idea how I mixed it up, or how I did not notice the difference when I was chambering the round, but that's the whole cause of the jam; my stupidity. At least that returned my confidence to the P5 (I now just have somewhat lesser confidence in my own intelligence).

I have never had any problems with it up to this point and it by far has to be my favorite 9x19 pistol. I love the ergonomics, style, design, mag release, single stack mag, DA/SA trigger, everything.

I'm sure glad I sold off my plastic Glock 17 in order to trade up to this.

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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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