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If you could walk out of a well stocked LGS with any 12 Sigs, brand new only, rifle or pistol, what will you be loading for tomorrow?

We have:
P239 9mm
No 308 or 338 rifles.


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I've already gone down the SIG rabbit hole.
Cost no object, an MPX for sure. Had a bad one, but that doesn't seem to be their reputation. And a shoebox full of those expensive OEM mags, while we're wishing.
The P210 is a sweetheart; the Standard model is currently out of production while they are making the Target.
The 320s are well worth it; CDNN had had 'previously owned' iterations which looked brand spanking new, at firesale prices...well under $400 with night sights and a couple mags.
The 320's clone, the M17/18 is also worth having. The inexpensive grip modules make a perfect fit easy for all the 320s.
Then there is the damned P365, which started a lot of my personal SIG trouble. The little buggers (they are little, G42 sized) are easy to shoot and easy to carry, and hold rotsa shots. 9mm shots. Reputedly the best selling gun the last two years.
The whole 'chassis module' will produce a real change in how we purchase guns/gun parts.

I'm entirely satisfied with DI AR variants, so no need for the SIG versions.
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