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First of all, greetings to all.

I'm from Europe and I own a 2013 Walther PPK/S .22lr. By now, I've put cca. 1500 rounds through it and until half a year ago, everything was working fine - excluding minor ammo issues I had at a beginning when trying to find the right ammo. I found that Sellier-Bellot .22 LR CLUB, 2,56g, is/was working flawlessly and this is the ammo type of majority of the rounds I fired.

Like I mentioned, six months ago, the issue started. The issue is, that if I fire the first shot as double action (if I decock a gun with a decocker or release the hammer manually), the following shot(s) will be double action as well. If however, I fire the first shot as single action, all the following shots will be single action. If I decock a gun after single action shots, (all) the shots will again be double action.... It happens from time to time, that it properly switches to single action after double action shot is fired, but then again, it also happens that it self-willingly jumps back to double action after some single action shots. I'm not experiencing any ammo cycling issues. It always loads the next round and I can go through entire clip without stopping. It's just that I never know what kind of trigger will I have for the next shot :mad: :mad: :mad:

- the funniest thing is, that every time I racked the slide manually (I even tried not racking it to the end but only so far that it was able to pick the round from magazine), the hammer stayed down in single action mode --> some said that the hammer spring is too strong and offered to shorten/weaken it (which I find funny, since springs don't gain strength with time, they loose it), others said that the ammunition is too weak (which can't be true either, since it was working flawlessly with it before and since the issue didn't go away even after using stronger ammunition)
- there was a suggestion, that the shooter doesn't grip the gun strongly enough and that the gun moves back to far for the slide to use it's power to cock the hammer --> turned out it's not the case, since the issue appeared no matter how tight the gun was held
- we tried cca. 6 different ammo types --> ammunition is not the source of issue, since it appeared with all the ammo we tried (in different frequency but with no visible pattern in regard to ammo strength or bullet weight)
- I tried shooting with a different (new) magazine --> was not the reason, since the issue reappeared constantly
- lastly I took my PPK to the gun shop (where I bought it). They said that they took it apart and, internally, everything looks correct - as good as new. Afterwards, they properly lubed it, fired a few shots but the issue was still there. They said they tried to change some springs (unfortunately I don't know which), but to no avail. Their final opinion was, that the gun is mechanically sound and that they can't find the cause of the issue. They offered me to send it to manufacturer. But, since that means sending gun across state borders and a **** load of bureaucracy, it's not cheap, and I want to explore every other option before I do that.

Did any of you have similar issues? What was the cause :confused: What can I try to do additionally to pinpoint the issue to single component?

Any logical (detailed) explanation of why this could happen and how I could solve it or any shared experience regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards,
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