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Quote[/b] (Mark_Knez @ Feb. 22 2006,09:48)]I know this --
1) The gun is stamped "P99". Are all Double Action Only versions stamped "P99 DAO" and are all Quick Actions stamped "P99 QA"? If so, can I assume a gun stamped "P99" is a pre-2004 version that has the traditional single action/double (anti-stress) trigger.
2) The inside bottom edge of the trigger guard has the raised bump.
3) It is all black.
4) There is no date code on the bottom of the accessory rail.
5) The serial number is 001347.
1) Pre-2004 DAO guns should be marked P990. P99 QA guns should be so marked. It is very easy to tell if it is a P99 with the DA/SA trigger - it will have a decocker on the slide that is about an inch long. The QA decocker is only about a quarter to 3/8 of an inch.
2) All pre-2004 P99s have this
3) Good color

4) Pre-2004 date codes are just in front of the trigger guard on the frame just under the accessory rail on the right side of the P99. See http://www.gunfaqs.org/P99FAQ/IV/3.html
5) From the S/N, this sounds like a KH gun, it is a very low serial number. I would not be surprised if it had the split trigger. See http://www.gunfaqs.org/P99FAQ/VII/4.html

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