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Im getting my Walther P99 9MM in a few days and would like to get some ammo on order for it. I know I can shoot +p through it, but I would like to carry Federal 9BPLE which is a 115gr round thats +P+. If that is not whats recommended, what is another good round to carry in it? I like GA Arms 124gr +P load with the gold dot bullet. I like to stay away from remington GS cause I have heard and experenced inconsistices in their ammo. Anyway, I thanks anyone that can help or give me some advice.

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This question has been asked many times, so it sounds like it is a good candidate for the FAQ

Of course you can shoot +P+ safely in the 9mm P99 (there is no "+P or +P+" .40 SAAMI standard), but as always, the caveat is "it will accelerate wear on your pistol if shot extensively".

The quote from the manual is:

[b said:
HOME LOADS. Use only original, high quality, factor manufactured ammunition in good
condition. Because of the dangers of poor or nonexistent quality control among some
companies and people who make reloaded ammunition, and the well known problem of
dangerous overloads and underloads (squib loads) which sometimes happen, only good
quality factory ammunition should be used. If you prepare your handloads be careful, and
do not exceed recommended pressures in line with those generated by standard factory
loads (not +P) as manufactured by Remington, Winchester, Federal, Hornady, PMC or other
reputable companies.
The quote refers to be careful and NOT use reloaded ammunition that exceed regular (non +P pressures) ammo, NOT factory ammo that is factory loaded to +P pressures. (That's the way I read it)

I shot some yesterday in my P99QA and it was quite accurate. I usually carry the Remington 115gr +P+ in my P7PSP or my P99. The other loads I carry are the Speer Gold Dot 124gr +P or Federal EFMJ 124gr +P.

Keisler's has a great buy on the Remington 115gr +P+, I bought 4 boxes for ammoday (Nov 19th).

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