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Made a quick trip to visit my ailing father in NJ and on my way I stopped at a Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA. I made a quick pass to see if they had any PPSes in stock. No luck. But I noticed something that caught my eye so I took a number and got in line to be helped by a salesman. In the case they had a “Walther P22 Executor"- 4” bbl with additional 5” bbl for more than $400. Since I had not heard of an Executor or a 4” bbl P22 I had to take a look. Turns out it was a stock boy error. It was a P22 with a carbon fiber frame and a regular 3.4” bbl and an additional 5”bbl. And I thought I had come across a special order pistol.

I also had another surprise when I visited an old place of employment, SARCO, Inc. I admit that I am not into the replica gun market. I was shocked to see a MP-44 STURMGEWEHR ASSAULT RIFLE for sale for $1695.00 and was surprised to learn that it was a replica. Lots of money for a wall hanger in my opinion but to each their own. All I got out of the trip was a t-shirt. Well and my dad’s old S&W .38 Combat Masterpiece and his .300 Weatherby Magnum that was made in W. Germany. Now if I only run into any elk or buffalo….
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