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Interchange barrels in PPS 9mm/40cal

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Can you interchange the 9mm and 40 cal barrel in the PPS M1?
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Do you think the 40 cal barrel will fit thru the hole in the end of the 9mm slide?
Can you interchange the 9mm and 40 cal barrel in the PPS M1?
The short answer is no.

The long answer is hell no.

You can put the barrel and slide of the .40 onto the 9mm and of course the opposite is true.

Should you, and is it safe? No, and hell no.

I'd assume that since you're asking if the barrel from one will fit the other, you have the 9mm as well. Why not try the swap and see?

Just don't shoot it. Don't..shoot..it. :eek:
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You can do it with the Shield....40 to 9mm. I was just hoping I had missed something. Hate to sell my PPS but I want a 40cal and love the way the Shield 40 feels and shoots.

ETA link to conversion barrels:

What's the date code and serial prefix on your 9mm?

It's the second pair of letters after the "DE". example would be a BD, or a BA. (these tell what year it was made. BA would represent 10, as in 2010.)

I've got two PPS Classics (or M1), my 9mm is a BD (2013), serial's prefix is AJ. Excellent gun. Prefer it over my .40, which actually has a smoother trigger takeup....
What's the date code and serial prefix on your 9mm?
Date code is BF.
If you want a .40 why not offer a straight trade? There are many who are looking for the 9mm M1 because they are harder to come by. There are plenty of .40's on gunbroker though at slightly higher prices than I would like to see.

The 9mm barrel and frame will fit on a .40 frame and (mine at least) is safe to shoot. I started out with a .40 cal and was fortunate to find someone selling a parts PPS M1 in 9mm. I use a DPM recoil spring and change out the slides and magazines depending on the weather and what I feel like carying or shooting for the day. I have had zero issues in feeding, exctraction, and overall feel. I cannot comment on using a 9mm frame with a .40 barrel and slide as I just do not know if there is any durability differences between the two. I believe there was already another discussion on this topic a whole ago if you look for it.
Honestly, I did a lot of eyeballing and comparing when I first got my 9mm, and aside from the obvious barrel/slide, I couldn't find any discernible differences. I honestly *think* the frames are identical, the key differences are the slides, barrels and of course the mags.

That said, it's my advice to NOT shoot the gun(s) with mismatched parts, BUT, if you do, be damned careful. I wouldn't however recommend at all carrying one for defensive purposes.

That stated, I'm eager to hear of any reliability issues, or better yet, a lack of them. :)

(hoping that my observations are indeed correct in regards to the frames..)
It will be an easy trade. Almost no one wants a 40 anymore. Don’t know why anyone is even making guns in 40 anymore.

My LGS has a dozen used 40s.

You will have no problem finding someone with a 40 who wants a 9
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