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yes there is both......
The P38k barrel ends right after the slide and has the sights ontop of the slide rather than on the end of the barrel.
The P38K is expensive though nowdays... there was/is one for sale on the P38 forum for $2000
here is the link if you are interested
just a few weeks before this was posted there was another P38K that was sold from a regual(as in longtime posting often) forum member on the P38forum for $1500........ I think he just wanted a good home for it and it was gone within matter of hours I think.
here is that link

the P4 also has a shorter barrel compared to the P38/P1 but is not as short as the P38K and sights are still on the barrel....
$650 will get you in for a nice police trade

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I seem to remeber Interams of VA importing Walthers in the 70's or early 80's. Does anyone remember a version called the P38K or P38IV - it was, as I recall a short barreled P38. Thnaks!
I recently sold my P38-K short barrel in original box, test target, 2 mags(still sealed), manual and cleaning tool. I never shot it but after sitting in a corner of my safe for 25 years did get over $2600. That did better than my PPK/s SS. I did check out my P38-IV and found it was one of the 451 that Interarm imported from Walther without serial numbers and were labeled P38-IV to distinguish them from P38-4 model.
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