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Thanks for the community of info here.
I inherited my Dad's LP53 this year. This is the pistol I learned to shoot with. I have already learned a bit about it from reading recent threads. Turns out it is an early smooth finish model. He had it resealed a number of years ago. He still had the original box, sight inserts, cocking knob and user guide. Brown grips, left side cracked at the top front corner.

The previous owner had wrapped the barrel with heavy gauge solder in lieu of the barrel weight, then covered it in electrical tape. Still fun to shoot.

It came with 8 tins of BSA pellets, two partially consumed. These are the old orange BSA tins filled with domed pellets, all light grey, almost fuzzy, with oxidation.

We lived in Indonesia when he bought the pistol from a colleague. I suspect the pellets were bought on a home leave since there would not have been a local supply.

Had it out for a few shots today, seems to shoot a tad high and to the left but have not dialed in the sights and my eyes are not what they once were.

Lot's of memories with this one, hope to impart similar memories when my kids start having kids.

Thanks again for the wealth of info
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