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Quote[/b] (xander27z @ May 28 2005,11:55)]
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Quote[/b] (madecov @ May 28 2005,10:52)]Most "tracer" ammo takes about 100 yds before it becomes visible.
I once had some tracer stuff made by Hornady and only the people behind me couold see it. When I fired it I couldn't see it.
not sure what you base your opinion of "most tracer ammo" on, but i've tried a few boxes of 9mm & 7.62x39, and they were visible as soon as they exited the barrel, during day/dusk/or night... when fired from the hip. don't recall the manufacturer (might've been Hornady?) but the rounds had a red coating on the tip of the bullet.
when you aim at eye level you're not going to see to much, IMHO because the butt of the projectile desn't "burn", the coating on the tip lights up....

i didn't notice any difference between the regular 9mm or the tracers, they're pretty cool... and again IMHO the only damage will be to your wallet...

Tracer ammunition has a concave base at the rear of the projectile that holds the chemical "pellet". This "pellet" burns and is the tracing element of the projectile. Nothing on the tip, meplat, or the ogive of the bullet burns.

The incendiary effect comes from a zirconium compound which is entirely closed within the bullet jacket. As the bullet strikes a hard object, the zirconium compound in the nose, is crushed by the kinetic energy in the bullet and ignites. This creates the primary incendiary effect.

The red marking on the bullet tip is merely a color code to indicate a tracing compound is added to the bullet.
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