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The rear sight on the PPQ 22LR comes from the factory all black and a bit difficult to pick up.

To make the rear sight more like a Glock square white "U" do the following:

1. Remove slide.
2. Unscrew and remove the slot screw that controls elevation. It clicks.
3. Using appropriate hex key (1.5mm/0.06 inch), loosen or remove the Allen set screw that controls windage.
4. CAREFULLY slide the sight off the dovetail left or right with your finger under the sight to capture a very tiny spring. (Or do this with the gun and your hands inside a large clear plastic bag.)
5. Remove and safely set aside the tiny spring, the Allen screw and the elevation screw.
6. Drop the rear sight blade from inside the rear sight assembly.
7. Clean the sight blade with alcohol and apply and rub down a small piece of masking tape about 1/16-inch below the horizontal opening of the rear sight blade.
8. Spray a quick hit of white primer onto the sight blade. The whole thing will be white, except for the lower part of the blade.
9. Allow to dry. Remove tape.
10. Reassemble, being careful to compress the tiny elevation spring with a razor knife so it doesn't bend the spring as you slide the rear sight back into the dovetail. (You may want to do this step inside the plastic bag. That spring can go flying if the knife slips off.)
11. Center the sight left/right and snug the set screw. (Mine had a dab of blue Loctite securing it.)
12. Screw the slot-head elevation screw into the sight.

PPQ 22LR painted rear sight IMG_9944.JPG
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