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Hello all. I'm a new forum member and a new first time Walther owner. This is my first post so please be gentle. I'm an old, retired guy who took up hand gun shooting and reloading as hobbies about 5 years ago. Most of my pistols are full sized, metal framed, hammer fired in both single action and DA/SA. But I do like trying unfamiliar platforms, so I'll pick up something interesting, shoot it a while and then sell it, unless I really like it. Even though it's hugely different from what I'm used to, I really like my 4.5" PDP so I'm keeping it. I've got about 500 rounds through the gun and I've had to make a lot of adjustments but it's been fun. I received the optic plate from Walther this week and a Holosun 507c should deliver today. I like to order the iron sight from Walther that co-witnesses, but they're out of stock. Does Walther re-stock often or do I need to find another source? Is the Taylor Freelance brass backstrap the best option? I'm also considering the TF magwell. I didn't mean for this to be this long. I'm glad to be here and thanks in advance for any info/advice.
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Welcome from Northern Indiana enjoy the conversation.
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