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I need the help of an expert...

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Dear friends,

I need the help of an expert, I have a new acquisition and I need to know in what year it was made? It is a Model PPK Cal. 9mm Kurs / 380 ACP. Did you make S & W? The serial number is: A000769.

I appreciate your time. Best regards.
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Dear friend,

Did you read the FAQ section? Pictures will also aid in a faster response.

Hello, thank you very much, I'm new here, could you tell me where that section is? Thank you!
Have a look at this list: https://www.waltherforums.com/forum/faq-pp-tp/14957-analysis-interarms-ranger-usa-made-ppk-ppk-s-serial-numbers-dates-9.html#post1144452

According to its serial number and the mentioned list, 1986 is a good guess as the year of manufacture for your PPK. It was made by Ranger and sold by Interarms. The correct German calibre desgination is 9mm kurz.
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Hello how are you, I thank you, that's right, it was a "finger" error, I thank you very much.

I appreciate your information, after Marurhin (in France) was Ranger (in USA) who made them for how long in the USA, and was Interarms who distributed? The model I showed you is still very reliable, I imagine since it had all the specifications of Carl Walther's signature? I have another from 1966 made in Germany, my question is whether in steels, the finished or the mechanism have any difference with the one made in 1986 ??
Primerwalther, this is the subforum where you'll find many information and answers to all your questions (even to those you didn't dare to ask so far):

Have a look there and enjoy the forum!
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Ok, I'm new and I'm trying to understand each forum, I'm very grateful.

Ok, I'm new and I'm trying to understand each forum, I'm very grateful.
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