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I just got a call that my NIB P99c came in to my dealer. So I go and pick it up and before I leave the range I decide to run a few hundred rounds through it. It is a AS version, like my other two full-size P99's. So my problem is that the thing would eat EVERYTHING that I could feed it...WWB, Wolf, Brown Bear, my own Reloads, 115-124-145 gr. That little compact just would eat everything...and I don't know about what others have said but I don't find its recoil any different from my other P99's. Only thing that may make some difference is the flat bottomed mag as to have something to hold. AND did I tell you my BIGGEST problem? The thing shoots dead on, POA...One big ragged, jagged hole...boy oh boy, do I have a problem....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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