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Well, today was my lucky day. As I posted earlier in the week I was looking for a PPK/s but no one around here had any in stock. I took a chance today during lunch and went to Plainfield Shooting Sports in Plainfield IN and this morning they had just recieved two new S&W PPK/s (one all SS and one two-tone). I was able to check both out and ended up purchasing the all Stainless model. I absolutely love the way this pistol looks and feels in my hand. The only bad part to today was that our local range was closed today for range maintenance so I couldn't shoot it. Oh well, now that its mine, I can shoot any day I choose. Just wanted to share that there is another new PPK/s owner out here!

Thanks for all the info on this board! It really helped me make up my mind!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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