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Look what happened!

Just kidding.
Got bored last night, and decided to strip the slide...too easy, so I moved on to the frame.
Lots of gunk in there! So satisfying to clean it up!
The armorers manual says to not disassemble the sear block, but I'm no idiot...so I did it anyway.
Ran the high wear points over the buffing wheel, lubed it all up, and threw it back together.
It work just fine!
Trigger is soo buttery now. And I didn't even mess with the striker.

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Cool cool
my armorers manual says nothing about not to take the sear block appart.... in fact it shows it in detail how to do it......
I am wondering ... what version of the armorers manual do you have S&W or Interarms ???

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I can't imagine an armorer's manual saying to not take ANYTHING apart. That's the whole concept of "the armorer".

Now the owner's manual maybe.
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