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Well, I managed to take my fullsize P99 slide apart. I had previously disassembled the striker portion on my P99c. But, I am at almost 2000 rounds in about 8 months with my fullsize P99.

So, I thought I would try it. The striker removal is easy. Managed to take out the extractor from memory, after seeing JEnglish's video in the Walther Gunsmithing section about a month or so ago.

It really wasn't that dirty at all in there, but I sprayed everything with gun scrubber and cleaned it out.

Putting the extractor back was the tricky part. I had to play the video back for that part. Watched that 1 part three times to figure it out. Then, I eventually managed to get it all back together :D

The gun seems to work fine now and throws out rounds if I cycle it by hand.

I'll try it out when I hot the range next weekend, but I think it's A-Ok.

Thanks, JEnglish!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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