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Hi ya vS5. Welcoe back to the wonderful world of shooting.Like you shooting had been put aside for the raiseing of the famly, but now that's done and I'm haveing a ball.I'm going shooting 2 or 3 times a week. You made a wise choice.
I have put a couple thousand rnds down the pipe of an XD and a Glock. There good shooters, reliable, accurate and well made. But the thing that I didn't like about the XD was it IS top heavy. this with the high bore axis gives a preaty snappy recoil. Nothing harsh or unmanageable. But noticeably more than the P99 or a Glock. And the Glock finer ridgea and grip angle just didn't ge alon with me.
In this size pistol the Glock is the top seller, and the XD is showing up more an more. But the P99 is catching on preaty quick. Especially with the folks who get to shoot the three before the purchase. For my money you made a great choice.
So for the next 2 weeks waiting time, spend it hunting some good ammo suppliers. Cause these pistols ARE shooters, and 100 rnds goes real quick. Like in an afternoon of shooting. The P99s are one of the easiest shooters there is, and a couple hundred rnds a week down the pipe arn't hard to do at all. So a good sorce of ammo can become real important to ya.
Now I'm going to try an help ya as a friend should...
So close your eyes take a deep breath and repeat after me.
I am not a P99 aholic..
I am not going to get a Green P99 in 40 cal.
I am not a P99 aholic...
I am not going to buy a Black P99 in 9MM
I am not a P99 aholic
I am not going to buy a Green P99 in 9MM
I am not a P99 aholic.
I am not going to write Walther every week begging them to make a P99 in 45acp.
I am not a .... Oh well it didn't work for me either hahahaha.
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