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I am the FNG!

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The 'Friendly New Guy'

New to Walther. Here to learn everything about the PPS Classic or 'M1'. Bought it due to its flatness for an off duty piece.
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Hey hey! Yep, the original version of the PPS is quite underrated. Has a rail (you know this), and can be decocked (you may or may not know this one)...

There's some pissin' & moanin' about the decocker, maybe 3 or 4 people have broken theirs, mine gets decocked on a daily basis na dhas never gave an issue.

The only problems I've had is the recoil spring assembly (known as an RSA from here on out) will warp, I replaced mine with a DPM that had from another PPS, and all is well, at the expense of a bit harder-to-rack slide.

The other, personal experience here, is that the striker spring retainer or guide will crack from lots of dry firing. I have probably dry fired my 9mm BD code PPS twice as much as actual firing (in vain attempt to smooth the trigger pull to any degree) and the dirty little effer broke. Got it replaced free of charge though, so no tears about it. It's plastic and takes a beating, so, it is what it is.

Other than that it's a great gun, and like you say, conceals extremely easy. I can even pocket carry mine and I'm not a big guy.

Feel free to ask more, there's a lot of love here for the skinny Walther kid. ;):D
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Welcome from the Mountains.
Thanks for the Welcome!

What pieces and parts would you suggest stocking up on? I think I'll get a couple of the striker spring retainers that were mentioned just in case and maybe a spare recoil spring and assembly or two. Is the backstrap safety "feature" a big deal? Ever had it pop off or come loose? Any real reason to remove it other than detail stripping?

Most of my dryfire is done with a G19 or G23. I'm kind of a 1911 guy at heart but work for a Glock shop. I like the feel of the PPS better than a G43 which drove my purchase. i also hear the PPS like standard vs.+P ammo. Truth or rumor? My standard defensive ammo is the +P 124 Gold Dot or similar HST although I have a lot of fairly fresh Federal 9PBLE. Thanks for your replies and the info!
I run 124gr Hornady +p with no ill effects :)
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