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I would like to have a PP super, 9-18mm Must be excellent condition in and out. I am open to any offer and have trade guns available if you would like to go that way. I have no FFL so must got though a dealer.

Make me an offer I can't refuse.

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What do you have for trade

It should be more like a offer I can't refuse as this is my safequeen that I never thought I would have.
I have a PP Super.... serial# 10106 with '74 date code (makes it 106th gun made)
LNIB and I doubt it has been shot at all... there is pics on the P38 forum, original Walther wood grips, no importmarks whatsoever, test target...
I had contacted Walther about this gun.... and it was not suppose to be in the US... it sat for 10 years in Germany at a dealer... then was sent back to Walther, then Walther sent it to England in 1984... go figure... it is in Utah now
and I can forward you the emails from Walther to prove this....
the link is to the pics.... well I did never shoot it and found out that the grips are original Walther grips...
forgot to say it does come with the original box (serial# matching/green label)

Sooooo make me a offer I can't refuse
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