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I have been looking at getting a Walther ever since my son gave me a PPQ t-shirt a couple of years ago. While I was quite familiar with the PPK ("Bond. James Bond."), I never seriously researched Walther until then. While I found a PPQ in 9mm that I was able to handle at a local guns shop, I was not been to find a PPQ 45 that I could rent at range near me. Recently, I was debating if my next pistol would be a PPQ 45 or a Glock 21. After more research and YouTube surfing, I placed an order for a new PPQ 45 yesterday. It should be ready for pick up in a few days.

I have had a love of firearms for many years. I served in the Corps (1988-1992) and worked my way through college in the '90's as a police officer. Today, I am an telecom engineer who enjoys punching holes in paper at various distances and breaking clays.

Looking forward to learning more on here.

Semper Fi.
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