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How many magszines with P88

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The title says it all. I am looking to add P88 to my collection..How many magazines come with P88? I presume the answer is 2, but still would like to know from those that own one. Thanks in advance. (Sorry for the typo in the title. I'm not able to edit it)
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Normally two, but you might not get both of them.

I recently picked one up with box and papers but alas only one mag. Fortunately for me one of our members had spares. P88s don't come along often enough to pass on a good one without an extra mag.
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I got my 3rd. Mag. off Gunbroker, same place I got my 1989, which is posted on General Discussion. Forum. Mine came with 2. It was an Estate Sell. Paul
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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