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A friend of mine warned me about breaking slide stops. Apparently marines have gotten injured when the stops on their barettas broke and the slide popped into their faces when they fired.

Is this a concern with the P99? If so, how often do you replace the stop?


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I think your friend is repeating a mangled version of the story regarding the Beretta's quality around the time of its adoption by the U.S. military.

-The problem wasn't the slide stop... Some guy on the Beretta forum did an exhaustive search to find the source of the story and it turned out to be several Naval and Marine personnel who used 9mm submachinegun ammo (much hotter than pistol ammo) in their Berettas. I think two of the pistols were personally owned, but I don't remember the details of the report. -The military has a similar problem when people use SAW ammo in their M-16's. They both use the same caliber round, but one is much too hot for the other to fire for any meaningful period of time.

As far as I know, the P99's slide stop does not have a known defect unless you want to count that the original .40 S&W magazines (the ones with orange followers) could cause them to engage prematurely on occasion. The problem was with the magazines and they were redesigned to address that. If you buy factory magazines with blue followers, you'll be fine...
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