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How did you first hear of the P99? - How many of you are Bond wannabes? :-P

  • James Bond movie, video game, or other 007 related stuff

    Votes: 2 12.5%
  • Saw it in a gunshop

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Recommended by a friend

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Read about it in a publication

    Votes: 4 25.0%
  • Saw it at the range

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Saw it at a gunshow

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 6 37.5%

How did you first hear of the P99?

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With the the popularity of the 007 movies and other franchises, I was wondering how many of you were turned to the P99 because of something Bond related.

I'll admit I got interest in the P99 from Die Another Day, but I bought it because of its functionality and feel in the hand. I think it'd be interesting to post another poll later to see why people bought the P99. I wonder if some people bought it because 007 has it, much like the sales of .44 Magnum revolvers went up after Dirty Harry's release
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If youmean it keeps moving to the top, it may be because someone answers the poll and doesn't comment.
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::smacks self in the head:: duh! Lol, thanks Martini13. I feel quite dumb
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I was actually looking to buy a Glock 19 at a gunshow. Handled the P99 9mm and forgot about the G19. It was a few months later I bought the P99 .40 S&W. Haven't regretted either choice.
I came across the p99 while looking for info on usp's. It seemed to be the better gun. I always liked german stuff.
Saw it on the web, Spring 2002, researched it, and picked one up early August '02.
Did not view the Bond films until late '03.
Was looking at buying a Springfield XD.40 5" barrel but the women at the gun shop took the P99 .40 out of the case and the rest is history:)
I was researching my first polymer frame handgun, I looked at Glocks, Springfield's XD, H&k's USP, but I fell head over heels for the P-99. It was all about the feel.(and the looks)
I first saw a P22 in a gun shop in Evansville, IN and was taken with the looks and feel of that little gun. Well, I bought one, than I had to have two...then I said to myself "self, you had better get this little bad boy's big brother." So now I have two P22's, two P99's and one P99c....
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Went to my second gun show in 15 years, long time in between, i have been thinking about getting a licens to carry a firearm, and i wanted or needed a automatic. Here in Texas if you take the course with a revolver that all you can carry, but if you do it with a auto you can carry anything, so ive been told. Well went and did lots of looking and touching, glocks were to big for my hand and so were most others, shoot a DOA Beretta last year and couldnt hit a barn with it. At the last booth a guy had a used P99 40cal for 419.00, i liked how it looked right away,and when it picked it up i was hooked, sure felt nice in my hand. 250 rounds later its still a great gun.
I was walking around a gun show picking things up and this one called a P99 felt so good in my hand. then I found another one that felt really good to and that was called a sw99. Then I figured out they were the same gun. My friends during the show told me the XD was so nice and fit your hand good and the 1911 was proven in combat ya da ya da.

I went home and began to research all different types of polymer framed autoloaders and P99 designs (trigger guard mag release, integrated slide decocker, tennifer finish) and features (backstraps and sights) among other things led me to buy the P99 AS ... my first gun.
I wanted a 2005 though
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I was researching which handgun to buy first. After looking on the internet and doing some research I narrowed it down to a Glock 19, Springfield XD or Walther P99. I chose the Walther and don't regret it for a second. I'm also a big James Bond fan but his use of the gun didn't really influence me much.
a friend of mine's wife bought a P22 and after trying it out it was so comfortable, I thought I should look at the 9mm version. I was amazed to find out that it's actually comfortable and reliable! :)
Personally I knew of it's existance in the Bond movies, but really where I fell in love with the design was a custom model I downloaded for the USP in counter-strike. I used to use that gun ALLLL the time lol.
Its actually a long story but a old friend of mine shot one guy dead and left his brother brain fried after he was shot at in a party ! good case of wrong place wrong time for those guys thumbs up for the Walther P88 reliability
For me it was a combination of Bond fanatacism and the fact that Walther has been making respected pistol designs since the days of the third reich. If I had thousands upon thousands of dollars to blow on guns, they would pretty much all be Walthers, Mausers, etc, aside from the odd Taurus .44 Magnum.
Check my name and signature, do they answer your "Did James Bond influence your decision to get a P99"! Also got PPK in 7.65mm for same reason!
Blame Dr. Lunde and his FAQ page:

as well as his gorgeous photography:

The final straw was the sale at Davidson's. Now, I hear, there are even better deals at CDNN.

I didn't even know it was featured in the Bond movies. I used to own a PP that was made in occupied France, it was a great little pistol so when I saw the name Walther at Sportsman's Warehouse I was intrigued and I fell for the feel and design.
I am a big James Bond fan, but I had an interest in the P99 before that great scene in Tomorrow Never Dies. I bought my first 9mm, after handling it at a local sporting goods shop and was just amazed by the grip. Bought it and was not disappointed.

Okay you got me, I did buy my P99 MI6 007 Edition because of Bond. Was it that obvious?
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I was looking for a handgun to use for CCW. It was recommended by the sales rep. I did a little research online and decided on the AS. The shop only had the QA model so I spent months searching for an AS.

Didn't know about the Bond thing until I did some research.
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