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How did you first hear of the P99? - How many of you are Bond wannabes? :-P

  • James Bond movie, video game, or other 007 related stuff

    Votes: 2 12.5%
  • Saw it in a gunshop

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Recommended by a friend

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Read about it in a publication

    Votes: 4 25.0%
  • Saw it at the range

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Saw it at a gunshow

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 6 37.5%

How did you first hear of the P99?

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With the the popularity of the 007 movies and other franchises, I was wondering how many of you were turned to the P99 because of something Bond related.

I'll admit I got interest in the P99 from Die Another Day, but I bought it because of its functionality and feel in the hand. I think it'd be interesting to post another poll later to see why people bought the P99. I wonder if some people bought it because 007 has it, much like the sales of .44 Magnum revolvers went up after Dirty Harry's release
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I dunno what happened, I am sure i clicked on option: I've read about it in a publication.

I always wanted a new pistol from Walther that could compare to the newer wondernines, but then came the very expensive P88. I definately could not afford one and although a very good gun, it does not look as good as the P99. I still wish i could have one, but gladly the P99 came out. I was suscriber to Gunns & Ammo magazine and then to Petersen's handgun magazine. I think they were announcing its release with quite some anticipation. Then finally it apeared in one issue when my subscription had already expired. I saw it in a grocery store ( Ii mean the magazine hehe). I said, wow, this i must have some day. In that long interim, I had already started to hear about the 0.40 round, and from all the controversy on the 9mm vs .45, still hot back then, I was begining to feel a bit untrusty about the relatively small caliber. So, when I was finally able to afford the P99 I chose the 0.40 one. This is the only pistol I have ever owned. I am very happy with it, although I cannot use it very often. It stays home all the time.
Now that I have heard of the .357 conversion, maybe i will try to go that way too.


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[b said:
Quote[/b] (extremist @ Mar. 05 2004,1:09)]First saw it on "Tommorow Never Dies" which was it's first appearance in a James Bond movie (scene with Michelle Yeoh in her "armory"

Bond fondles the P99 for the first time!

Bond loading up his P99


that is my favorite part of the movie. I rented the movie quite a few times only to rewind it several times and pause it to see the real thing. By then I had only seen it on magazines and a few pictures on internet. That scene at the armoury is like a tv comercial hehe.

small pics, but very apreciated.

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