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I like the idea of brining back the PPK-L

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The Bond flicks are more popular now, since Craig took over, than they've been since the '60s. I'm sure this has caused a dramatic increase in PPK sales.

Acc to John Lott, PhD, there are about 17M US concealed carry permit holders or people who legally carry concealed w/o a permit in "Constitutional Carry" states.

Put those two together and you've got a recipe continued demand for PPKs. But, compared to many small carry guns, esp those with polymer frames, the PPK is heavy.

Why not reintroduce the PPK-L? Walther can license S&W to do it using the Scandium alloy they've had so much experience using in revolvers over the past 2+ decades. Or Walther could do it themselves by licensing the S&W formula. Frankly, the patent, if any, over that formula must be expiring soon, so a license might not even be necessary.

Scandium will make the new PPK-L even stronger than the original, so it could be offered in .380 too. (Although I'd prefer .32 for less recoil.)

Heck, they could even get Bond to switch to a PPK-L in the films! :cool:

How do we get Walther to reintroduce the PPK-L???

P.S. Even CA is issuing more and more CCWs. This year, acc to Lott, for the first time ever we passed 100,000 CCWers and that trend is most likely to continue, given that in the past year San Diego County (pop. ~3.3M), liberalized their issuance policy.

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