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Holster section: Suggestions for the P5 and P5C

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Nice post, Joe; great information and informative photos. Thanks for sharing. In lieu of a dedicated holster section, we can at least make this a Sticky and alter the heading a bit to let folks know that holster discussions start here. Well done.
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I was going through my collection of holsters , and found that the Bianchi Minimalist 105, sz 13/15 fits my P5 well enough. It's an OWB holster I use for my Sig P2 & P220. It's an option. :)
For want of a section dedicated to holsters, I thought I would post this small piece for the information of our readers.

I picked up an interesting holster from ebay and was surprised by its size. It was described as a WWII shoulder holster for a large frame pistol like the P38 or P08 but never used, but there was nothing in the ebay advertisement to provide a visual reference of size.
I found a very nice website which offers high quality holsters and i really recommendet them... try Walther-Holsters.com
I just bought a P5. Was googling around for a possible holster purchase, and ran across a post on a Beretta board. Guy said that the holster he bought for his Beretta Cougar 8000 also fits his Walther P5.

I HAVE NOT verified this with any type of test to see if it's true. YMMV.

P5 holster from TT Gunleather

Since there has been some recent P5 purchases, postings and activity (finally) on the WF, I suggested that the title of this thread be changed to P5 & P5c specific holsters. Some of the members (myself included) carry their P5 or P5c's and I thought it would be informative to share what we use to carry the gun.

Here's my DDOO from TT Gunleather (posted previously on another thread):


Hoslters for the P5 are readily available but the OWB & IWB for a P5c is somewhat elusive.

My thinking is that if the information (positive or negative) shared here might be helpful, it's a good chance of saving a member (or 2) some heartache before they spend their cash on an item that might or might not be worth it.
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The yaqui holsters might be of interest as an OWB holster. These holsters come in two varieties; thin and thick strap. The thin strap is the older model and it is dis-adviced to use it because of some accidental discharges (the strap went inside the triggerguard when the gun was holstered). The newer model with the thick strap is currently used by the Dutch police for concealed carry.
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Numrich sells these vintage Deutschland polizei Hoppner & Schumann holsters on Ebay: Walther P5 Black Leather Belt Holster Fits Glock 17 19 | eBay

I would image that they are nicely broken in :)
Mitch Rosen ARG - IWB for P5c

A Mitch Rosen (Mitchell Leatherworks) ARG (Ayoob Rear Guard, recently changed to American Rear Guard) IWB for the P5c.

Rumor has it that there was a falling out between Ayoob & Rosen (just hearsay).




Rides behind the hip @ the 4 o'clock position. Very comfortable to wear, only 'issue' is that the belt loop is for a 1" belt (usually dress belt size) but nevertheless, I like the holster.

Pics not up to par, the camera took a bit of a beating during a recent moose safari in Maine.
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I am looking for detail pictures of straps for Akah shoulder holsters.
I have 4 or 5 of these holsters but are missing the straps. I noticed
in one of your posts you had a holster with straps. Can I get some
detail pictures? Thanks,
Here's a pic of my P5 in a Safariland 5198-87-411 Holster. It came with two attachments for paddle or belt style, and is adjustable for how firm the retention is.


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I use a de santos 01 and it fits perfectly . As for shoulder holsters a miami classic for the sw99/p99 is nice and of course the ken null SMZ IS MY GO TO HOLSTER.
Leather IWB for P5



IWB off of ebay for $50.00 bucks from ernies_holsters near the
Space Coast in FL.

Well made, I like the wings that spread out the weight of the gun, fit and finish were pretty darn good for the price. Rides very comfortably, great retention and the draw from concealment is smooth. Cannot really fault the design or mfg of this P5 leather IWB.
Nice, Ronin. Do you have any off-ebay contact info for them? They don't seem to be selling on ebay any longer.
SENC: 2 PM's sent.
P5 holster- Garrett leather lined kydex

Silent draw, saves weapon finish, and is very comfortable.

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I'm going to be ordering a Sickingen holster is a few weeks. Four to six week lead time, so if it gets here when I start wearing warmer clothing it will work out great.

I also ordered this Safariland yesterday for the P5. This has a paddle attachment as well as a belt loop attachment.

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P5 holster

Ck for sale items. I have a extreme high quality Milt Sparks P5 holster for sale. New -never used.
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