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Holster issues

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I bought a new ppk/s recently and picked up Fobus paddle holster online just for a range holster. Come to find out, it doesn't seem to fit it. It's like the trigger guard is too big or something. Upon further research, I saw that the holster I bought is labled for the ppk. Do ppk/s and ppk normally use two different holsters...or is this something goofy with the 22lr ones?
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It is quite possible that a holster fitted for a PPK will not work for a PPK/S as the grip is longer. Also, not all PPK’s can use the same holster depending on the style of holsters. As an example, I ordered a Sneaky Pete holster for the PPK but my S&W PPK would not fit with the magazine with finger grip. (The ad showed it would) The problem was the extended tang. I swapped it for one that was made for a PPK/S and it works for both my PPK and PPK/S . 22LR.
If all you're looking for is a '..range holster..' then it's hard to beat a basic padded nylon holster (w belt-loop & belt-clip + thumb-break strap) often found in places like Walmart for $10-$15. It will fit several smaller pistols (including PPK & PPK/S)

As example-- https://blackhawk.com/products/hols...cealment/nylon/sportster-ambidextrous-holster
I purchased a Fobus holster for the PPK. It fit my FEG SMC 22 pretty well. The Walther PPK did not fit so well.
In general, a PPK holster should also fit a centerfire PPK/S. The Umarex 22 PPK/S may or may not fit.

A Bianchi 3S IWB holster for the Walther PPK fits the PP, PPK/S, PPK, FEG PP knock offs, the Umarex PPK/S 22, the Bersa Thunder and similar firearms.

I would look at leather holsters for your pistol instead of plastic.
I think a soft holster of some kind is what I'll have to do. I plan on getting one of the new PPK when they come out, so maybe the Fobus one I bought will be a range holster for it
I bought a cheap leather holster off Amazon for $20 bucks to the door for a Makarov. And decided to see if the 22 PPK/S fits it and it does. About as snug as the Mak.So thats it for me not taking it into combat, Or road warrior stuff.It will do the job,Light under the shirt carry.

The $200 bucks holster to carry $300 buck guns is not me, carrying for over 50 years.
And only can remember one time PPK pullout out of a leather Jacket inside pocket. that is all.RON K.

Holy Moses this was from FEB. 2019 Nevermind


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