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Hitler's PP and the History Channel

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Watched a "Tales of the Gun" on the History Channel that I pvr'd (is that a word?) a couple of weeks ago. It was titled "Million Dollar Guns". Very good episode highlighting several neat firearms - S/N 1 of Colt's SAA, the only known existing .45ACP Luger S/N 2, and others, including the Adolph Hitler's presentation PP. It is clearly a PP and is so noted in the "Walther - A German Legend" book.

Trouble was, the so-called "expert" from Arms & Armour kept calling it "Hitler's PPK" (several times, not just one time). Incredible, made me a little annoyed that I know more about Walther's than this expert, yet I don't have a TV Show

He needs to read "Walther - A German Legend" next time before he starts espousing his expertise

Then I watched an episode on "The Guns of Luger" and saw the collector with 500!!! Lugers in his collection and 1100 in storage that he uses for trading!!! He has a MILLION dollar Luger, some Navy variant that is incredibly rare. BUT, he doesn't have the elusive S/N 2 .45ACP.

Oh well, guns to clean, more "Tales of the Gun" to watch. Wonder when they are going to do a "Guns of Walther" episode?

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I saw that same show about Hitler's PP a while back. I noticed the same thing, that they kept referring it to a PPK. It seems like a lot of "experts" do that. I've even seen them call a PPK a PP.
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