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Hello I am a uk based collector of sporting .22 pistols. I got into collecting once I had stopped being part of the GB pistol squad (rapid fire with a Matchgun MG2e, which I still have). I started with an OSP 2000, then two Hamerli Olympia (post war licence built Wather Olympia's), a 80's OSP, a GSP and more recently a.32GSP. The best bit is that in the uk when these come up they are very reasonably priced. I shoot them all at an approved range where they are stored as we are not allowed to keep them at home. I would like to find out more about them so will post photos of each one in turn with as much info as I can find.
As these are auction purchases some are missing bits, so would appreciate any help on sourcing spares. Some parts I can make, missing rear sight blades for Olympia, but some like a missing extractor claw (same .22 short Olympia) I am going to have to find.
Going to the range on Tuesday so if anyone has any preference for which I show first, let me know.
Also I recently picked up a Walther LP2, which I can keep and use at home on my 10 m range (across the top landing) to keep my eye in. (Photo attached I hope?)


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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