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Hi all, new guy here with a question.

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What is the deal with the different slides? There are some slides that are different if you look at the QA and the AS.



I really want to get an AS, but I dont like the slide in the above pic. I like the slide thats on the QA, and have seen that slide on the AS model before. Whats the deal? I have searched but couldnt find a topic about the slides. Thank you all in advance.

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I should clarify, if you get any 9mm it wil have the same front end no matter the trigger group.
Thanks for the input bro, I wanna get the 9MM anyway. But even on the Walther site, http://www.waltheramerica.com/webap...angId=-1&parent_category_rn=43803&isFirearm=Y
They have that slide pictured on a 9mm, Do you think this is just a stock photo?
100% stock photo of a .40S&W....
Thanks bro, I know for sure I am gonna get my FFL to order me a an AS in 9MM. Do you think they make the slide on the .40S&W like that for recoil reasons?
That was my guess as well. Just remember to get your FFL to get the newer version of the pistol, as there are many brand new older versions floating around.
I will do that, I really thank you all for your input. Everything I have heard about you guys is true. I have heard that you all are class A gentlemen and its true, I look forward to posts with all of you:cool:

1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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