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Hi all, new guy here with a question.

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What is the deal with the different slides? There are some slides that are different if you look at the QA and the AS.



I really want to get an AS, but I dont like the slide in the above pic. I like the slide thats on the QA, and have seen that slide on the AS model before. Whats the deal? I have searched but couldnt find a topic about the slides. Thank you all in advance.

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100% stock photo of a .40S&W....
If you look at the 9mm slide, the "flats" on the 9mm are not milled but ground. If you look closely the grain is going from top to bottom and in "straight" lines. So my guess would be that the .40S&W slide is cheaper and less time consuming to make then the 9mm slide.
The recoils assembly is put together at Walther... not sure who makes the rod assembly and the spring itself... but they are not preassembled.
The rod is at room temperature then the spring is put on and compressed and the "plug" that holds the spring on the rod is in a "heated" waterbath and then gets put onto the rod.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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