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When we found out that FE PPSs were first available I checked at the Cabela's about 50 miles out of town from me. They got two in and sold them at $600.00 each. I decided to get on the waiting list for a black framed one whenever they became available.
I called them just before Christmas to see if they had got any of the standard framed version in yet and they hadn't. The clerk told me they were listing them at $630.00! I mentioned to him that the FE model came with a fancy aluminum case and 3 mags instead of 2, and that he should tell his boss to double check the estimated retail price on the standard model.

If they stick with that price they can stick the pistol where the sun doesn't shine. I won't even bother to tell them not to call me. If this wasn't a mistake then they are just being greedy.

I am also on a waiting list from a large sole proprietor regional gun shop that quoted me $500 for the standard whenever it arrives, and my local dealer will sell me one at $485.00 whenever his distributor gets them. I am guessing his price of $485.00 is about dealer cost.
I will follow up with Cabela's to see if the price in the database was a mistake or intentional.

If it's not an error I will not be back for any firearms from them in the future. I'll let you know what I find out.
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