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Help with putting the decocker back

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Hello all. New here. I just brought a P22 Q over Thanksgiving. Took it to the range and put 250 rounds through it. Had a lot of issues, so I decided to clean and polish some parts.

So, I disassembled the slide and everything fallout. No biggy right? Problem is that I could not figure how the decocker and spring go back together - took me a day of searching to figure out that that was a decocker. Nothing in the diagrams indicated that there was even a decocker (all search results was for the original). Youtube videos were also of the original.

Does anyone have a pic or link to instructions on how to re-assemble the decocker and spring?

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you.
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Its only going to fit one way. Pictures of the top of the breech block, safety drum and lever? 1917
Just got back from the range this morning. Put 80 rounds through it. Things run fairly smoothly. I had only 1 failure to fire, one failure to eject, and 3 where the slide did not move back into firing position.

I decided to hold off on taking it apart again till my next major cleaning and attempt to put docker back in. May not even do that since I'm questioning the effectiveness of it as a safety device.
The type of ammo you use in a short barrel .22 semi auto has a lot to do with how well it functions. Mini Mags and Remington Golden bullets work well. 1917
1917 - I notice that ammo is a factor. I have used the Winchester SuperX (1435 FPS) runs worst than my CCI AR Tacticle (1200). I haven't tried some of the Federal or the Remington yet that I have. Will give those a try this week. I will need to get some Mini Mags too.

I know that a lot of people with the earlier models use Mini Mags. Wonder if that contributed to the slides cracking.

With all all the polishing and modes I made. It is functioning LOT more reliable, but not there yet. Maybe get a Ruger Mark IV to compare.
Yes/no, but the problem is Walther engineers didn't make the slide beefy enough in certain corners. Slides should not break. Especially those on .22 caliber pistols. Zinc alloy is heavier than aluminum alloys and there is only so much a relatively weak .22 can cycle. 10 or 12 years ago I added weights to the slide until Remington Golden bullets wouldn't cycle it reliably. I think I added 43 grams...but don't really remember. The problem is....other ammo, especially some of the Winchester stuff won't cycle the stock slide. And, you cannot go by the velocity labeled on the box. That is rifle barrel length velocity to begin with which is faster than that achieved with a short barrel pistol. Then you can also fire similar velocity but different brand ammo out of the P22 and notice significant recoil differences. Rem golden bullets feel exactly like CCI mini mags and both work well.

The best long standing advice regarding .22 ammo, pistol or rifle, is to buy some boxes of fifty and test them. Some will function better than others in your firearm. But the bottom line with semi autos is the ammo has to be powerful enough to cycle the slide and eject the spent case.

You might go over to RimFireCentral and look at the MK IV section. Seems there has been quite a bit of discussion regarding the barrels shooting loose. But I haven't been following it to see if Ruger has sorted it.

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