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$265 is good around here, I don't know about your area.

Look for a hexagonal steel pin visible on each side of the frame in front of the trigger guard. The locking block rides on this. If you don't see it, you have an older-style frame which may crack if shot much - the aluminum can't take the stress of the locking block smacking it repeatedly.

Mags are readily available - promag makes them and they work fine. Better than the original mags.

You can shoot regular 9mm. +Ps, I wouldn't, you'll likely have the slide smack the frame. Wulf makes replacement "hi power" springs that are supposedly good for +P - but why bother? They're plinking guns, not self defence guns.

I like mine. They feed and function reliabily with 124gr American Eagle. They do not like cheap ammo, and the stock mags will only feed round-nosed bullets, so 147gr TC's are out with the stock mags. They are DA/SA, have a decocker, and are quite accurate. The DA pull will be either heavy and rough or heavy and very rough. You may want to polish the sear with 600-grit sandpaper - made a world of difference on mine.

You can get holsters (for example, PWL makes a really nice one), but generally can't get accessories... not that you need any.
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