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So, I had a magnificent day at a gun show and did some safe emptying. With my loot, I found a really wonderful Mannlicher Schonauer. A 1908 model with a factory scope and it hasn‘t been finkled with at all.

I bought from a dealer who was flush with beautiful pieces and he was great… but I failed to ask a very important question. The tag said the rifle was chambered in 8 x 57R.

What the heck is that? I know 8 x 56 Mannlicher Schonauer and that there isnt any :). I know regular old 8 x 57 Mauser and it is rimless and I know there is 8 x 57 rimmed but normally thats a double or drill rifle cartridge.

Help me, I‘m ignorant. What is 8 x 57R normally referring to?

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Good morning,
Maybe I’ll tell you something you already know but given the dangers I do it anyway.
There are bullets for 8mm calibers of two different diameters:
318" for the 8x57 JR caliber
323" for the caliber 8x57JRS
Before shooting check or have it checked the diameter that used by your beautiful rifle.
Maybe you already knew but considering that I know at least two important dubble rifles to which they had to remake the barrels for use of balls of the wrong diameter I preferred to warn.
You can deepen on the Internet of are various articles.
Ciao Carlo
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