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Help Identify Walther .380 Magazine

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Help to Identify Unkown Walther .380 Magazine

Hopefully I have this right, first time on this site ;o)

I just picked up a 1938 Walther .380 PP, it came with two magazines. Both have 9 m/m stamped on them. The one hole/six hole is the correct magazine for the pistol. The second magazine with the finger extension does not fit unless the slide is open, it won't click in otherwise.

Its taller, has a different cut to the lip, the spring is shorter, the follower has grooves and the magazine body has 7 holes on each side. No one has seen it before.

Any ideas?



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Have you shot the pistol? Does it function with both/either magazine? I could not make out the markings from your pictures. My experience is limited to postwar PP pistols, but the magazine for the .380/9mm K holds only 7 rounds. Are you sure the 8 round magazine is not marked badly worn 7.65?
No I have not shot the pistol, its a collector piece. As I stated both magazines are marked with 9 m/m. The factory magazine performs as it should, the magazine with the finger extension does not fit in the pistol unless the slide is open. I suspect because its too tall. I am trying to determine what it is because it does not fit this pistol. No one I have talked to or has read my posts has seen this variation before. I was hoping someone would recognize it.
You did get me thinking. I tried the mag in my Walther PP PDM .32 which has a lower mag release as well. It fits just fine and it has the identical body including the lip cut to the PDM mag.

Two potential options, one its a misprint from the factory (although that does not explain the unknown follower) or it was some sort of test mag designed to hold a extra bullet. I am grasping here.

On the bottom is my PDM .32 mag, it has the same body, in the middle the unknown mag and on the top is the correct mag for the .380 PP.


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Help... any experts out there ?
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