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My brother gave me a P38 and I would like to know it's history. Is this a wartime gun or post-war production?

left side of slide .5 inches from front says P.38 and then cyq

left side of slide 3 inches from front is number 8029 and then letter i (not capitalized)

right side of slide has several markings shown in the photo below. There is a number 2(?) in the photo below and to the right of the rightmost marking.

Any idea where and when this gun was made?

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If it is marked CYQ it is a wartime model....
however I am far from a expert on the P38 and I strongly recomment to go over to the http://www.p38forum.com

I am sure they will ask for more pictures also......
Orv is THE MAN when it comes to P38's.... collector and reasearcher
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