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I'm new to the forum, which is why I'm in here to introduce myself before I start asking questions. I grew up with firearms, always enjoyed shooting many different types, and believe myself to be proficient in not only handling them in the safest manner possible, but using them also.

That being said, I'm new to the Walther owner's community. I know basics about Walther and have done a fair amount of research on what I have been given, but am a bit stumped. The serial # falls in a weird range that seems to be disagreed upon by various sources online.

I received a box that was my grandfather's recently. He kept it under his bed. It went to my mother, who kept it in a gun safe at our house. She said it was time for me to have it since I have a way to securely display it.

It was not known my grandfather had a firearm, as he had a hunting accident as a teenager and swore to never touch guns again. WWII came, did what he had to do, and never touched one after he came back.

The only reason I mention the above is that whatever it is I have is not for sale, I cannot put a price on it, nor am I looking for a price estimate. It will be proudly displayed with the papers he had with it and a photo of him in his uniform in aforementioned secure case. I just want to know if it is appropriate to ask those who know much more than I about the history of this PPK. I just want to know the story of it before my grandfather came along. I was the only one he would talk to about the war, and he did not talk much about it. The fact he had this never came up, as well as a few other topics he would just stop at. Those are between him and I. The PPK reminds me of those talks. My grandfather was a hell of a man and thinking of him and his advice has gotten me through tough times.

If it is appropriate, What would be the best method to ask for further details as I would like to start out the right way here?
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