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You will love my first contribution to the forum!

New around here. Love the Walther product. Think they are very under-rated in the commercial market. For instance, for LEOs these are head and shoulder above the Shields. And for some, might be better than Glocks... (although I happen to really like Glocks).

Own and carry the PPS 9x19 as a backup, sometimes primary in light garb.
Own the P22.
Newly purchased P99 AS and am blown away by the quality/design/ergos. How is this not more widely adopted I wonder?

Anyway, I registered in part to want to pass along two great deals on mags. Having just bought the P99, I hunted for mags and found them to be scarce... so you'll thank me later.

Century Arms has P99 mags at $25 and free shipping
Gun Mag Warehouse has P99 mags at $22.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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