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Hello All

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Hi there chaps and chapesses.

So I am new to walther, but not to shooting. I started shooting air rifles a couple of years ago to keep my hand in. I started with a QB78 rhat has been severely modified to being a full power .22 PCP thumbhole rifle.

However I have just decided to treat myself and have now got a Wather Rotex RM8.

I had a brilliant afternoon shooting with it yesterday and am very impressed with the consistency and power of this rifle. It will take me a little while to get the sight zeroed.

I would like to tune this and also improve the appearance. As I shoot targets, and do not have to worry about noise, I am thinking about an air stripper nor a silencer. I would like a match trigger and also a nice custom bolt.... any ideas what I could do?
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Congratulations and welcome aboard!
I did have Fedex to deliver ammo to another address on my street. When I opened the box that he left me I opened it and it was a set of brake shoes! About 10 minutes later he came back with my ammo package and picked up the brake shoes.
Welcome from the Mountains.
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