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Hammer issue

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First time asking a question so be gentle..lol
After taking apart and cleaning my P22 ,the hammer will no longer go back into position ,its stuck in down position. What do i need to do the fix this, never done it before. Thanks for any help with this problem.
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Welcome Bolin76.. Internet diagnostics are a bit tricky....gun in hand...not so much. The first question is what pistol do you have? If it is a new QD model you cannot cock the hammer manually or by cycling the slide unless the safety lever is set to fire. The newest pistol has an internal decocking lever that is only deactivated when the safety is set to fire. If this sounds correct, with an unloaded pistol, set the safety lever to the fire position and see if you can cock it.

If the problem is that you cannot pull the hammer rearward, then you won't be able to cycle the slide either. So, we need a bit more information and a very clear statement of the problem including how far apart you took the pistol when you cleaned it. Holler back with more details and we will see if we can't get this sorted. 1917
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P22 hammer issue

It is my sisters walther P22, our younger brother jammed 2 rounds in gun and for some reason he started to diassemble the gun not having a clue how to do it let alone put it back together. So my sister brought it to me and after putting it back together ,the hammer will now not decock. When its apart i can decock it by lifting lock, but when put back together it wont decock. I hope this helps define the issue she is having. Thanks for any help
Have you tried to decock it with a magazine in it? My P22 WILL NOT decock without a magazine in it.
By disassemble I'm assuming the slide was removed exposing some of the inner components and freeing the recoil spring assembly. This is called field stripping....or what an owner might do to clean or correct a stoppage "in the field". Further disassembly is usually done on a work bench as screws, roll pins and small springs are involved.

As Wildtoad has written, every P22 has a magazine disconnect safety. This means the trigger is disabled when a magazine is not fully inserted. With the slide on there is no way to lower the hammer unless a magazine is inserted. If you have the new QD model you will still have a magazine disconnect but rotating the safety to safe will decock a cocked hammer.

If inserting a magazine doesn't alleviate the problem we are going to need a good deal more information. Make sure the pistol and magazine are unloaded while you are working on the pistol. 1917
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Here is a photo I have handy of a field stripped P22. The recoil spring and guide rod are free to be removed as well. Any further disassembly goes beyond what is referred to as field stripped. 1917
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