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Had a student today....

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Cancer fighter. A great guy. Never shot a handgun before so no horrible habits. The guy was ringing bullseyes at 25 ft by the time I was done with him. He put an order in for a Creed tonight from buds.

My job was complete!

Started him on a Ruger 22/45 light. Worked 15ft, 25ft and even 50 ft. Worked strong hand only too. Moved to a PPQ, a 1911 (that he fired extremely well) and a GP100. Loved the PPQ but wanted something more budget oriented. I suggested the Creed. Best gun you can buy for the price IMO
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I have two PPX's, a 9 and forty. Going on four years now. Both great guns, no hiccups or problems. And can't beat the price. I really don't know if the creed is an upgrade or any different than the PPX, but I think you gave good advice.
Besides the shapes of the trigger guard and serrations, I can see no notable differences:

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