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The PPK has had the reputation of being beautiful and built like a Swiss watch but also of being picky feeders, having a really tough DA first shot and of being prone to biting the hands that shoot it.

IF and I emphasize IF the new gun is improved in those areas, why the hostility?

If the gun brings a new generation of shooters into the PP fold, how is that a bad thing?

Some of that new generation will eventually go on to buy or at least appreciate the vintage pieces you favor.

I'm trying to keep and open mind on this. I don't expect the new gun to have the bluing, fit and finish or soul of the old ones but if they function well and are well made they bring something good to a market saturated with plastic, stamped metal pistols.
I have no idea what makes folks so needlessly unfriendly, hostile, and unabashedly elitist when it comes to the reproduction of firearms. Unfortunately, its very common behavior in spite of how unflattering it obviously is, so it's best just to ignore it, go on liking what YOU like, and not allowing the biased opinions of others dissuade you from doing so.

When I first signed up on this forum I did so seeking information from fans in regards to this new production (Yes, it has been in the works that long!) as well as the most recently produced models by Smith & Wesson and was basically told in so many words to stay away.
However, being unsatisfied by the answers (or lack thereof) regarding the exact issues that made S&W models to be avoided after it had been recalled with all relevant issues being corrected, I ultimately decided to get a S&W model for myself in 2016 when one showed up LNiB at my LGS, which I'm glad that I did because it turned out great. Had I listened, then I probably either wouldn't own a PPK at all right now, or if I did then it would probably be a vintage model which I would feel obligated to keep in pristine condition rather than carry or shoot often, which I never actually wanted to begin with.
In addition, I probably wouldn't be interested in the new production anymore either since the same folks who told me not to get a Smith & Wesson model have also been insisting that this new production would be just as bad if not worse than the S&W models ever since, make of that what you will.

It's still relatively early in the production of the new PPK(/S) and so far most of the folks who have actually reviewed them were sent examples by Walther for T&E which may not necessarily reflect the overall quality of the finished product.
Thankfully, it's an old design which Walther has had plenty of time to tinker with in order to insure reliability, so in all likelihood the new PPK(/S) is most likely going to be just fine, and even on the off chance that they aren't, they're backed by a lifetime warranty.

Either way, time will tell for certain whether or not the new production lives up to the reputation of classic models, just make sure that your source of information is unbiased, free of elitism, and lacks any personal stake or means to benefit from the potential commercial failure of them before you go placing too much stock in what they say. ;)
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